After Dong Guan

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Chinese premier Li Keqiang had asked unemployed Chinese citizens to start online stores or hawk their wares on the street. He claimed that some street peddlers could earn as much as 30,000 yuan a month. A few courageous netizens have gone on YouTube to prove Mr Li wrong. Or perhaps, this is the kind of wares that the 30,000 yuan a month folks were peddling.

For the past few months, Chinese people who have lost their jobs have tried earning some pocket money by showing the world some raw footage of the real China on the ground. Victims of shopping malls and ghost cities showed the monumental disasters to the rest of the world with the hope of the videos going viral and earning them some money.

Lately, there was a guy called “William” who went around showing the world the kind of things that go on in the seedy lanes and alleys in typical Chinese towns and cities. Things are not as rosy as they may appear on TV. With all the posh places in Dong Guan shut down, prostitution now takes a more basic, low-budget form.

Many of these women were workers in factories that had shut down. According to “William”, there is now an unprecedented number of girls on the streets and alleys.

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