Breast Enhancement Scam?

A former Nanyang Technological University (NTU) valedictorian (winner of Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award) is currently under police investigation after she had allegedly cheated some 70 friends and acquaintances of more than $800,000.

Ms Alexandra Low, a former financial analyst, is accused of borrowing money under various pretexts. She told one friend that her family needed to make a payment but was unable to do so as her father had lent the money to someone. She told another friend that she needed money to make mortgage payments for a house that her family had purchased for investment purposes. She told another friend that she needed money to pay her mother’s medical bills.

Alexandra Low admitted to the police that she had managed to raise around $800,000 to $900,000 from friends who believed her lies. Actually, the money for meant for breast enhancement treatments. Low’s credit card statements show that thousands of dollars were frequently paid to a beauty salon called Tokyo Bust Express which itself seemed rather dodgy. She confessed that she became addicted to breast enhancement treatment at this beauty centre and spent all her money there, but it’s difficult to imagine how an intelligent, well-educated woman like Alexandra Low could fall for non-medical, unproven procedures. The place looks more like a spa than some legitimate aesthetic clinic. Let’s see what further investigations will reveal.

Realising that she’d have to have an excuse for the victims in case they asked for their money back, Low also made a false police report about being scammed of the money she borrowed. She is said to have made restitution of around $400,000 to the victims with help from her father.

We may not know how Alexandra Low ended up like this, but she once won the Finger in Every Pie Award at NTU. According to

The valedictorian and winner of the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal also managed to pack in three internships: first at Deutsche Bank, followed by Wilmar International in Dongguan, China and later JP Morgan, where she will begin her career.

Until she starts full-time work as a Treasury Services Analyst, Alexandra is determined to show her friends she can “not do anything”. Which, by her definition, means devouring non-fiction books such as the economic science tome, Thinking Fast and Slow, as well as articles on topics she’s “curious about”.

It seems that she has been fired from JP Morgan. One would expect her to rise meteorically in her chosen field. The following video, however, looks pretty dodgy.

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