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1990s Hong Kong Category 3 softcore film star “波神” (busty goddess) Diana Pang 彭丹, also known as “splits stripper” (一字马脱星) has transformed herself into an office holder in China. Recently, she attended the CCP-led 博鳌亚洲论坛 in her capacity as the newly minted Director of China’s International Economic Strategy and Research Institute.

Let’s cheer for her!

Diana Pang

Honduras, a Central American country, recently announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Taiwan in order to establish diplomatic relations with China. When interviewed by pro-China and Hong Kong media, Diana Pang 彭丹 said that she visited Honduras in February this year to study trade relations between companies of the two countries and received a warm welcome from Honduran President Miss Xiomara Castro who had earlier informed Pang of her intentions to ditch Taiwan for the PRC. Pang proudly announced her contribution to the Chinese business community in Honduras as the new Director of China’s International Economic Strategy Research Institute.

On March 30 2023, Diana Pang 彭丹 (age 50)also attended the “Women’s Roundtable” of the 博鳌亚洲论坛 in her capacity as both member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation and Director of the Institute of International Economic Strategy and Research Institute. Her performance at the forum was praised by Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s in his speech at the forum.

Diana Pang movie

However, it is no secret that 50-year-old Diana Pang 彭丹 does not have any relevant credentials for her post. Early in her acting career, she was conferred the title of “波神” because of her 36F bust. Her popular movies included 狼吻惊魂, 红灯区 directed by director Wang Jing and the violent and raunchy 极度兽性.

In 2013, Diana Pang 彭丹 became a member of the 11th Gansu Provincial Political Consultative Committee 甘肃省政协委员 one year after Xi Jinping became president. In 2017, she was recommended by the CCP to become a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation 全国青联常委. From raunchy Category 3 softcore movies, Diana Pang 彭丹 switched to making “thematic” movies and documentaries to promote the CCP. On November 12, 2022, the Institute of International Economic Strategy 国际经济战略研究院 was inaugurated in Beijing with a price tag of 100 million yuan and Diana Pang 彭丹 who shares the same surname with Xi Jinping’s wife 彭丽媛, became the institute’s founding director. At this rate she’s going, she could become the Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress soon.

Diana Pang
Diana Pang

I’m always against judging people based on irrelevant past events. Some people mention Hsu Chi, which I think is not a fair comparison. While actress Hsu Chi also started off as doing erotic content (and I wouldn’t respect her less even if she had continued doing it without guilt till this day), she did not step outside her arena without first equipping herself with the relevant skills. 彭丹 on the other hand, is highly questionable. So is it true that China is an even more tolerant, forgiving and open society than the West? I guess it depends on who you are and what you’re willing to do for the Party.

Diana Pang
Diana Pang 彭丹
Diana Pang 彭丹
Diana Pang 彭丹
Diana Pang 彭丹

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