Do You Really Like Older Men?

How much older? In the case of 2014 Miss Hongkong second runner-up Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ), she married a man 40 years her senior – tycoon Ng Chee Seng (Wu Zhi Cheng 吴志诚) who has an estimated worth of 3 billion. The unlikely couple tied the knot in August last year 2018. Here’s their story.

Born in the mainland, Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) graduated with a degree in Law from Hongkong University. She took part in the Miss Hongkong pageant in 2014, emerging as the second runner-up. After the pageant, she joined TVB as an actress but only managed to get minor roles. She often played palace maids and never princesses.

While she had little luck with her career, she scored well in the romance department – or so it seemed. Miss Ho is believed to have met her future husband while appearing at the latter’s company road show in 2015. They hit it off during the show and exchanged contacts. Their 3-year-long romance was practically under the radar of the media.

At age 26 last year, Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) announced to the media that her fiance was none other than COO of Macau gaming giant (SJM Holdings) Mr Ng Chee Seng (Wu Zhi Cheng 吴志诚), age 66 then. News of their wedding surfaced in July 2018 and the couple were officially married in August 2018. The news shocked the entertainment industry, by Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) no longer needed to entertain. Mr Ng Chee Seng (Wu Zhi Cheng 吴志诚) once bought her a vineyard for $60 million as Miss He loves wines.

Many fans and netizens were shocked by her meteoric rise in social status. As in many cases like this, the media was horribly cruel to her. They reported that Palace Maid Marries Tycoon.

Undeterred by these remarks, Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) turned their low profile courtship into a high profile marriage, releasing numerous photos of the loving couple taken during the courtship and early stages of their marriage, as if to prove to the doubters that it’s not what they think. Yet, many netizens joked that she looked like she was taking her grandpa out for a walk.

Not long after the wedding, Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) was spotted “clearing stock” at boutique shops in Hongkong and overseas with her mother. Then, barely 8 months after the wedding, Miss Ho announced on social media: “在和平和友好的情况下,我们决定分开了。并说好了大家再见亦是好朋友,并且彼此多谢大家和互相祝福。”

“Under amicable circumstances, we have decided to go our separate ways. Whenever we meet in future, we will meet as friends. We would also like to thank all of you and accept your well wishes.”

No further information is available. The value of her alimony is yet to be determined. We would like to marvel at the power of love and how it appears to conquer all when we see unlikely couples like Katherine Ho (He Yan Juan 何艳娟 ) and Mr Ng Chee Seng (Wu Zhi Cheng 吴志诚) , but reality often disappoints. It’s hard not to be judgemental in these cases.

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