Elaine Heng’s Sex Video

Again, I have no knowledge who Elaine Heng is until I saw the Mothership report on a sex video alleged to be hers appearing online. I saw it, but I’m not going to share it here. Suffice to say that the woman in the video does look a lot like Elaine Heng. I’m not saying that it’s her, but she does look a lot like her.

But before we get to that, let’s get better acquainted with Elaine Heng. Early this year, she was involved in a dispute with a company which paid her to promote their products. The products were given to her for her review, the payment was made and she even set the deadline herself. She then went missing for almost a month. When she finally got in touch with the sponsor:

The sponsor decided that she was too unreliable and wanted to end the relationship. They tried to contact her to send the money and products back. There was no reply from Elaine Heng. She was ignoring all forms of messaging. That left the sponsor no choice but to leave a comment on her Instagram to get her attention. As the comment was public, Heng responded swiftly. And this is her mind-boggling reply.

She eventually returned the money and paid $100 for something she broke. She “explained” that she didn’t post the promotion for 1 month because she didn’t like the product (remember she said she forgot initially). Strangely, she was not aware that posting screenshots of her exchanges with the company actually undermined her own position on social media.

And here’s her very long-winded and goofy explanation on Instagram. This makes me wonder. Do those followers know who they are following? I guess it doesn’t matter. They just follow her stories and drool over her feeds. They don’t have to work with her unlike the sponsors who had similarly bad experiences.

Now the sex video which someone claimed featured Elaine Heng actually appeared online more than a year ago. Back then, someone uploaded a video on Tumblr showing a woman who resembles Elaine Heng giving oral sex to a man. It was labelled as Elaine Heng’s video. Heng was quick to deny she’s the one in the video but there was no drama or police report.

A year later in October 2018, the video reappeared, this time linking to her social media accounts. That did it for Elaine Heng. She received a flood of obscene pictures and indecent proposals from strange men. It’s like that proverbial phone number written inside a male toilet. She must have pissed someone off big time.

Her followers were not uniformly sympathetic. Some even shared the link on her Instagram and even her most loyal fan might have clicked on it. She waxed lyrical about her ordeal, but I’m puzzled about some of the words she used.

In what way was she standing up for victims of harassment? Are her followers so dumb that they don’t know that they don’t know how to “say no” and quietly delete offending messages and images and/or go to the police? It doesn’t really matter to me whether the video is real or fake. I won’t trust her with any project.

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