Fake Pimp Scam

College student in China poses as pimp to trick and blackmail college girls

Wu Daiyi, a college student, thought that launching a fake online brothel was an ingenious idea. Little did he expect to become the first criminal in China to be charged in court for blackmailing potential prostitutes.

On March 6, 2006, the People’s Court of Dongcheng District, Beijing, heard this singular case of fraud involving a college student. Although his approach was somewhat amateurish or even lame and unconvincing, Wu Daiyi, a college student of the China Civil Aviation Management College, revealed a dark secret demonstrating the greed and stupidity of some college students in China.

This once promising undergraduate started a virtual “clubhouse” on the Internet. He then went on to recruit female college students who wished to provide service to high net worth clients. When asked why he did it after being arrested, Wu Daiyi actually said: “This is an fast-paced society. Everyone is looking for shortcuts to fame and fortune. I’m just a follower.”

In a way, Wu Daiyi was right. As the Chinese saying goes, flies do not go to unbroken eggs. Wu’s victims would have joined the sex trade if his brothel were real.

Wu Daiyi’s Troubled Past

Wu Daiyi was born in a farming community in Jianye County, Fujian Province in 1980. His parents were functionally illiterate peasants, so they pinned all their hopes on Wu Dianyi, who did well in his studies.

In order to support Wu Daiyi’s education, Wu’s parents worked very hard. In school, Wu had been described as an honest and obedient student. He excelled in studies and sports, never got into trouble. His teachers and classmates all liked him very much.

In July 1999, Wu Daiyi did well in his examinations and was admitted to the China Civil Aviation Management College. His family was very proud of him but they were somewhat concerned that they would not be able to pay for his tuition fees.

Once he had settled in, Wu immediately saw the wide socioeconomic gaps within his class. Most were better off than him. A few of his classmates even drove to school. A deep sense of shame and inferiority came over Wu, but he was determined to prove himself. His positive attitude drove him to excel in school. He was even appointed as student counselor.

But luck was not on Wu’s side. In a routine examination, Wu was found to be a hepatitis B carrier. The information was leaked and everyone in school avoided him. The school authorities held a discussion with Wu and his parents. They hoped he could “cure” his illness before returning to continue his studies. In other words, the school was expelling him. In tears, Wu begged his teachers to compromise, but the school’s decision was final. Wu returned home, dejected.

His parents sold their house. They went went to the hospital to get him “certified” that he was fit to study. He returned to school and was accepted in a class where no one knew him.

At the beginning of 2005, when Wu Daiyi, was graduating, he decided to further his studies in a postgraduate programme as he knew that his medical condition would not let him work in the civil aviation sector. Being one of the top students, Wu was confident that he would be accepted, but he was to be disappointed again. Wu Daiyi wept in secret, fearing that his parents would not be able to withstand the hurt if they had found out.

The Virtual Brothel

Deeply hurt and frustrated Wu Daiyi, spent all his time in the virtual world. He soon lost his girlfriend and became even more bitter. He hated his life. He hated his society. He felt despised even though he was talented and had worked hard. He thought of bribing doctors to get him through, but he didn’t have any more money after his parents sold their house.

One night in March 2005, when Wu Daiyi was chatting in an online chat room, a small advertisement popped up in his chat window. It said: “I am a business manager in a private club, currently recruiting guest officers who have poise, charisma and confidence. We offer 30% commission and parking labels worth 3000 yuan a month. Part-timers are welcome. Expected income 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month. Interested parties do bring your personal ID for a face-to-face interview. Contact Mr. Zhang (only young and attractive females need apply).

Wu Diyi immediately saw a “business opportunity.” Sharp and witty, Wu was able to befriend many college girls on QQ. After gaining their trust, he would reveal that he needed to recruit very well-paid “public relations” staff.

His first victim, Xiaoyun asked: “What are the requirements?

Using the handle of “Confucianism”, Wu replied: “We have no special requirements, the key is good appearance, elegant manners and rest assured that you’ll be getting a wealthy and respectable client. That’s why we’re looking for college girls like yourself. The monthly salary is more than 6,000 yuan and the tip is all yours.”

Wu Daiyi asked Xiaoyun to contact his assistant Wu Fei and gave her his mobile number. He waited patiently. He was not sure if it would work, but when Xiaoyun called him looking for Wu Fei, he had to suppress his excitement. He asked Xiaoyun to meet him at a hotel.

Xiaoyun went to the hotel to meet up with “Wu Fei” who was Wu Daiyi himself. Wu Daiyi described his fictional company in wildly laudatory terms. Xiaoyun was deeply impressed. Wu Daiyi then told her that she suited the company perfectly. He asked for a registration fee of 2500 yuan which she paid without questioning. He even successfully borrowed her mobile phone from her. Wu Daiyi couldn’t believe how gullible Xiaoyun was.

After not hearing from him for a few days, Xiaoyun tried calling “Wu Fei”, but the number had already been de-registered. She realised how silly she had been but was afraid to go to the police as she got into this scam because she intended to join the sex trade.

Wu Daiyi used the same method to cheat several other female college students. It was so satisfying at first, but the excitement began to wear out. He decided to up the ante.

The Special Interview

Wu Daiyi looked for the next target among his QQ friends. In April 2005, he targeted the girl named Hu Xiaodie. Hu Xiaodie was a college student at a famous art school in Beijing. She not only enjoyed watching movies and TV dramas since she was a child, she had dreams of becoming a movie star.

Hu Xiaodie paid frequent visits to various film studios, hoping to be noticed by some director. Confident of her looks, Xiaodie took part in many beauty pageants, but she never won any title.

Wu Daiyi became a QQ friend with Hu Xiaodie as early as March 2005. In order to complete his disguise, Wu Daiyi used several QQ numbers, operating from a cybercafe. The QQ name he used to chat with Hu Xiaodie was “Barbara”. Wu Daiyi managed to pass himself off as the female boss of a private company. After days of chatting, “Barbara” and Hu Xiaodie became good friends on QQ.

On April 8, 2005, Xiaodie confided in “Barbara”, telling “her” that she had failed another audition. Barbara said: “Have you forgotten what I told you before? How can you shine in this field without anyone backing you? Especially female stars, how many of them don’t have strong supporters behind them?”

Xiaodie said: “I know But I don’t know any of these people.”

“Barbara” sent a picture of a cup of coffee and told Hu Xiaodie: “There is a place where you can meet the people you want to know – the clubhouse. Our club services successful men whose net worth are in the millions. If only you can come to this club, you’ll not only earn big bucks. You can even have a shot at fame.”

Xiaodie asked: “Is there any special service provided at the club?”

Wu Daiyi continued: “Our club is very exclusive. We only allow the best girls. Not only do they have to be beautiful but also highly educated. Our sexual services are conducted in private villas. Our club is absolutely safe. Identities are confidential. I wouldn’t tell you if you’re not a friend.”

Hu Xiaodie was undecided. “Barbara” said: “You decide yourself. I’m busy right now, got to meet some celebrity. If you’re really interested, turn on your camera and let me see if you qualify.”

Wu Daiyi’s heart pounded when Xiaodie’s face appeared on his monitor. She was indeed a beauty.

Wu Daiyi praised Xiaodie and said: “Girls in our clubs are only required to eat and drink with our clients. Sex is optional. In addition to a basic salary, the tips will be all yours. Most girls earn on average of 10,000 yuan a month. The club does not earn your money, but you need to pay for the membership fees. You leave your mobile number. I’ll get my assistant Xiao Wu to contact you.”

After the chat was closed, Wu Daiyi immediately sent a text message to Xiaodie to verify her number.

As Xiao Wu now, he called Xiaodie, identifying himself as Barbara’s assistant and said: “We can’t force you, but it is impossible to make big money without providing sexual services. With sexual intimacy, personal favours are also easier to get. Let’s meet up and let me check you out. It’s just like casting for porn stars. The clients get to view the videos before they choose a playmate.”

Hu Xiaodie finally decided to go for this “casting”. To hide his tracks, Wu Daiyi asked Xiaodie to book a room at a hotel near her school. When she was ready, he brought a video camera and a digital still camera along.

On the morning of April 10, 2005, Wu Daiyi came to a hotel near Dongcheng District, Beijing. At noon, a tall and beautiful girl walked checked into the hotel. Wu Daiyi got the room number from her and went up.

Inside the room, Wu took nude photos of Xiaodie before having sex with her. Videos of the lovemaking session was recorded. He even borrowed Xiaodie’s phone to capture images of her in the nude. Wu then asked Xiaodie to pay a 1,000 yuan “membership fee” and leave the phone with him. Xiaodie complied.

Wu Daiyi could have just disappeared like he did with all the other victims, but seeing that she was from a well-off family, he decided to extort money from Xiaodie. He asked her for 30,000 yuan if she didn’t want him to send the photos and videos to her school.

Hu Xiaodie realized that she had been cheated but she did not pay Wu Daiyi. Neither did she call the police. On April 20, 2005, Wu Daiyi called Hu Xiaodie again and this time, demanded for 100,000 yuan. Xiaodie ignored him. Furiously, Wu found out her father’s number from her phone and called him to extort money. Mr Hu went to the police.

On April 27, 2005, Wu Daiyi returned to Tianjin from Beijing. He started fishing online again. Just as he thought he had found another victim, several policemen appeared in the Internet cafe and arrested him.

After being arrested, Wu Daiyi confessed. Even though all the victims were located, they denied being cheated by Wu because they had wanted to join a prostitution ring. In the end, only 4 of them testified against him.

On March 6, 2006, the case was heard at Beijing Dongcheng District Court. The court held that the defendant Wu Daiyi had committed fraud, stolen property and extorted money. For fraud, Wu Daiyi was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison and fined RMB 2,000. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for extortion. The total prison term came up to 4 years.

Wu Daiyi was unrepentant. At a media interview, he insisted that he did what he did because of the years of “social discrimination” he had been subjected to. This led to psychological issues which goaded him to fight against social injustice.

“I didn’t go all out to cheat them. But they were so gullible that I was tempted into taking what they had willingly gave me. It cured my inferiority complex. I feel that my IQ is higher than theirs. This is an fast-paced society. Everyone is looking for shortcuts to fame and fortune. I’m just a follower. ”

The Chinese public was shocked by how Wu Daiyi’s unsophisticated methods could get seemingly well-educated and intelligent college girls to part with their money and modesty for the sake of stardom or even a job as a high society prostitute. They had not been tricked into prostitution. They wanted to join the sex trade but got tricked by a fake pimp!

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