Involuntarily Celibate

On April 23 2018 in Toronto, Canada, Alex Minassian, a nerdy computer programmer drove a van and ploughed it a lunchtime crowd, killing 10 people and injuring 14 others. Sounds like a terrorist attacks? Perhaps it was, but it wasn’t a typical one. Alex Minassian had a different kind of “jihad”. He wanted to kill women in particular. Why? Because he was “involuntarily celibate”.

Before the incident, Minassian had posted an update on Facebook proclaiming that “The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all Chads and Stacys! All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

What was that all about? Well, “incel” is short for “involuntarily celibate” – a condition that many poor and diffident men will find themselves in. Some incels could be anxious and frustrated virgins. Some could have had some sexual experience in their youth and subsequently ran out of luck. They could be equally anxious and frustrated.

The word “Stacys” refers to apparently arrogant women who wouldn’t have sex with the incels and the word “Chads” are suave men who find it easy to seduce women. Obviously, the issue of inequality runs very deeply here. This The incels have their own chat rooms where they exchange misogynist tirades. Many have fantasies of raping female colleagues or strangers they meet every day on public transport. Elliot Rodger is idolised by this cult because he had slaughtered 6 people during a misogynistic murder spree near a university campus in Santa Barbara before killing himself.

Minassian did not kill himself. He was arrested and public safety minister Ralph Goodale declared that the attack posed no threat to national security! Only personal safety perhaps. Still, the aftermath of this hate crime is devastating. Friends of the accused described him as someone like Clark Kent who readily and repeatedly admitted that he was awkward with women. His emotional struggles caused him to take longer than usual to graduate with a degree in computing. He was a typical nerd with dropped out of the army before he could even learn how to use a rifle.

The first women-hating killer in Canada was a lot more audacious. In 1989, Marc Lepine entered a college in Montreal with a gun. He took a group hostage, separated the men from the women and then opened fire on women’s group, killing 14 of them before killing himself. Incidents like this show how much violence some sex-starved males are capable of.

As women have more and more options in modern and modernising societies, successful, attractive and eligible females who wish to marry have good opportunities to marry “upwards”. Others may choose to remain single or date attractive, interesting men once in a while. As a result, more and more average or socially inept guys will find themselves left on the shelf for the simple fact that women can support themselves and don’t have to pay them any attention at all. This is especially so for populations with a skewed sex ratio like that in China. But at least Chinese men are getting wealthier and able to import foreign brides. This may sound distasteful to feminists in Western countries. Add to that the shame of importing mail order brides, visiting prostitutes and the community of losers and closet incels will only grow bigger. Allowed to fester, the violent actions of incels may eventually escalate into attacks on the same scale as that of terrorists. Should incel groups be hunted down and preemptively put away like potential terrorists? How’s that for “ethical” genocide?

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