Jade Rasif’s Milk

Yes, it’s that bunch of clueless youngsters and their braindead followers again, ending 2018 with another seriously laughable video. Jade Rasif has allegedly delivered her baby 2 weeks before this recording. Strangely (or perhaps) not, she gave us very few details about the most memorable part that most women always talk about – the delivery process.

She ought to be on maternal leave, but being self-employed, I guess she has gone back to work, leaving all the diaper-changing to her nanny.

Well, I don’t know more than a few dozen mothers, but all those I know have a hard time going back to work even after maternity leave because they can’t bear to leave their babies at home! Let’s say Jade Rasif is “special” and can’t afford to disappoint her fans, but I’ve got to give her credit for being honest here.

True to form, Jade Rasif started off with some drama. Apparently, her milk duct got blocked because she overslept and forgot to pump. Then there’s a 39 deg fever and she was rushed to hospital. Huh? Clogged milk ducts give you a high fever?


A blocked milk duct is a blockage of one or more ducts carrying milk to the nipple for the purpose of breastfeeding. The symptoms are a tender, localised lump in one breast, with redness in the skin over the lump. The cause of a blocked milk duct is the failure to remove milk from part of the breast. This may be due to infrequent breastfeeding, poor attachment, tight clothing or trauma to the breast. Sometimes the duct to one part of the breast is blocked by thickened milk. A blocked milk duct can be managed by improving the removal of milk and correcting the underlying cause.

While Jade waxed lyrical about taking care of yourself during pregnancy (what to eat and so forth) in another video with her sister, she could have missed the advice against tight clothing. She certainly didn’t look like she was wearing something suitable for nursing.

But perhaps the most “trendable” part (the video has over 1 million views at this time of writing) is when Jade Rasif offers her breast milk to the hosts. I can understand their trepidation, but what does human milk or any milk that has not been processed look like?

In order to sell milk, you need to make it look pleasant through an industrial process called homogenization. Unprocessed milk, will separate into layers. Apart from the top creamy layer, most of it will look translucent.

So just for this show (and perhaps to make the milk look authentic), she pumped it out in the taxi (gosh, nobody drove her) 1 hour before the recording. Anyway, the “tastes like Marigold milk” comment is most interesting. The smell of “silicone” comment was probably made to verify the pump.

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