Kopi C Cup Coffee?

There must be some regulations for beer promoters at heartland coffee shops, but can coffee servers be more distracting than the beer ladies? Well, apparently, at a cafe near Ratchaburi, West of Bangkok, coffee is served with even more “finesse” than beer. Cup C coffee.

When interviewed, owner Chanisara, 37, said she was surprised by all the attention especially from out of town men after pictures from the cafe went viral on social media. She claimed that she only discovered that the cafe had so much social media attention when the shop suddenly filled up with mostly male patrons. Given the limited space in the shop, there were not enough tables and chairs to cope with all the interest.

When questioned about the sexy attire of the staff, she insisted that there was no official dress policy. So it must be a coincidence that even their styles and colours somehow matched. Chanisara presumed that since most of the serving ladies were young and pretty, it’s only natural that they dressed in such a sexy manner.

Asked if it was appropriate, she reiterated that it was not intentional and if customers chose to make an issue of it on social media, it was something beyond their control. She also added that her cafe offered a lot more than just an eyeful for the lads. She hope patrons would share about the good food and drinks as well.


Intentional or otherwise, Cup C Cafe did pull in the customers because of the “distractions”. According to one report, a 39-year-old man from Hat Yai in the south drove all the way to Ratchaburi to check the place out. Not surprisingly, this attracted the derisive remarks of Farang men who felt that Thai men should grow up or get out more. Why are these folks so easily titillated? But apparently, not everyone was there for the distaff attractions or distractions.


What do you think? Is it worthwhile to travel hundreds of km to see some cleavage at Cup C Coffee?


The picture above looks like some scene at a sleazy karaoke bar. Every night a different colour, different theme.


In case the feminists start screaming, there was a coffee shop in the North with all young good looking male staff, all with good upper body definement, working without shirts, attracted a lot of female and male customers. 

Also a noodle shop in Chiang Mai in a pub complex area same concept, good looking well defined male shirtless waiting staff.

When last checked, the place was “permanently closed”.


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