Tattoo on the back of a Singaporean lawyer © Dewdrop Publications

We are so fond of attaching labels to people we meet and know only on a superficial level. Slut, bimbo, flirt, pervert. Not being novelists, characterisation is not our strength. Hence, we label. From the way they dress, the tattoos they wear, the cigarette they hold and the words they use, we form conclusions about this person’s upbringing and propensity to do harm or wrong.

Ours is a society with complex schemes and policies but very simple judgement criteria. We tend to stereotype people and we often get away with it. But is what we’re seeing really what we’re getting? Could there be another side to this “slut”, “bimbo”, “flirt”, “pervert” that is merely human or even virtuous if we don’t snip the juicy bits of the individual and take them out of context? Most importantly, have we, at some point in our lives, not been guilty of the same weaknesses and follies in thought if not in action?

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