Nude Photo As Security?

Malaysia’s dodgy moneylenders and scammers seemed to have been influenced by their counterparts in China who demanded for nude photos of their lenders as security.

An engineer in Kuantan (Malaysia) became the latest victim of an online blackmail scam. after sending her nude photo to a syndicate for “loan approval”.

According to news reports, the 29-year-old woman found out about the obviously illegal operation through its advertisements for lending services on Facebook in early December 2019.

According to the police, the woman handed over a copy of her identity card, salary statement, bank account statement, utility bill and a nude picture of herself to the suspect for the purpose of getting a loan.

After she sent in her application with the necessary documents, the syndicate threatened to leak her nude photo if she did not transfer money to its contact person. Instead of getting her RM5,000 loan, she was blackmailed and ended up paying RM17,985 to the syndicate! It was only when they demanded for RM5,000 more that she reported the matter to the police.

The woman was obviously desperate for RM5,000 and had no other alternative, otherwise she wouldn’t have sent her nude photo to some illegal operation to get her loan. But if she could raise more than RM17,000 to pay the blackmailers, why did she not try that route before going to the illegal operation? Would you trust an illegal loan shark who demands for your nude photo?

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