Nude Pic/Videos Scam

There is a new scam in town. As usual, it’s difficult to understand why some people fall for it, but you wouldn’t be surprised if there are folks who fall for it.

The story begins with a lonely guy finding an ad on some “personals” website where some 18-year-old girl claims that she’s in need of money and would be selling her nude photos or videos. Sarong Party investigates and receives the following response. This is the profile pic on her Telegram.

I’ve masked the pic because it’s probably stolen from some innocent victim’s Instagram. In addition, “she” also sends a 3-second pornographic “video”. “She” claims that it’s taken from a 2-hour footage and promises to send it along with 20 nude pics if you send her money. She will then consider meeting up with you for sex. Interestingly, she won’t charge you for it as long as you have bought her video/pics.

I don’t use Paylah, but I understand that you can collect payment without revealing your phone number. Of course, some guys would be concerned about this. Luckily, like the WeChat scams I mentioned earlier, there is also the Apple gift cards option. This must be the favourite.

How do you know it’s not a scam? She’s got “reviews” to prove that she is legit. Note the “rlly” in the review. She used that a lot in her private conversation with me. Who would believe these reviews? Are our guys so hopeless?

Getting back to the vid and pics, how are we to know that “she” didn’t just download them from some porn site? How do we know that it’s hers? To pay $150-$200 for a copied or even non-exclusive video would be a huge rip-off.

We test her and ask if she would like model for us. $200/hour is quite close to the market rate. She refuses and quickly says goodbye to us. Scam confirmed. Anybody has any interesting experience from this?

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