Prostitution Portal Busted

A very well-known prostitution portal featuring women from China and targeting men in Singapore has finally been busted after numerous attempts to block the site simply led to a change of their domain name.

The portal was very professionally run. It listed the girls and their prices according to their “standards” and expected popularity. The prettiest girls could charge as much as $280 for a one-hour session. There were also mediocre ones who charged as little as $100. The girls could pick and choose the kind of services they offered. Some only offered massage. Others offered massage to “size the customer up” before offering sex. The rates they charged were only a fraction of what local escorts in Singapore charge.

Professionally managed by an invisible team, the portal allowed users to give reviews. Feedback and reports were taken seriously. Girls who failed to reply to customer inquiries were contacted by the team. Negative feedback was handled promptly. Fake photos were removed and offenders banned. This has resulted in a sizzling portal where Chinese women who were deep in debt could find a way out of their predicament. The happiest of the lot were of course the men in Singapore.

The authorities decided that in order to bust this syndicate, police in both Singapore and China had to work together. A team was formed by Anhui police to monitor the portal which was based in China but had some “agents” in Singapore. The law enforcement team in Anhui claimed to work for 15-16 hours a day monitoring the activities of the site. After 7 months of intense surveillance, they gathered enough leads to more than 80 locations to be raided.

Between 22 Oct 2018 to 23 Nov 2018, 201 people in Singapore and China were arrested in connection with the portal. In Singapore alone, 173 women and 12 men were arrested in hotels, private apartments and massage parlours. Their ages range from 19-53. In China where the portal was managed, 5 women and 11 men aged between 21-48 were arrested. A sum of USD70,000 was recovered from those arrested in Singapore while $83,000 was found with the operatives in China. The masterminds were two 28-year-olds!

The Chinese government has also been stalking WeChat accounts that advertise massage services and they have selectively disabled their suspicious users’ ability to look for people nearby! What a thorough cleanup.