Sugar Daddy Sites – another sex scam?

Sugar daddy sites are not new. One of the oldest has been around for 15 years and that alone should be an indication that the business model is viable and sustainable. Although that the town ain’t big enough for so many sugar daddy sites, many copycats have emerged, following a similar business model.

These sites are not porn or prostitution sites, but are more like dating sites specially targeted at men whose charms have faded with their pursuit of wealth. While they could well pay for sex, they might also be interested in more “meaningful”, open-ended relationships. Responding to their calls are the “sugar babies” – young women who don’t mind the daddies’ waistlines and hairlines as long as they provide financial support and companionship for fine dining and luxurious trips overseas. It is assumed that all the babies listed on these sites are not sex workers, but just like the many dating sites out there, I’m sure you will find ladies intending to just close a sale.

These sites are all international. You would list yourself and search for a daddy or a baby in your location. Sugar daddy sites are the only adult sites on the internet where babies greatly outnumber the daddies. Random checks on these sites have revealed that Singapore has a many times more babies than in neighbouring countries. Some are students seeking financial aid (for shopping perhaps) and some are “artists” who don’t earn enough for 3 meals a day. Their ages can range from 19 to 40.

Such relationships will undoubtedly cost more than fee for sex, but what the heck, these men are rich – or so it seems. Researching this topic yields many interesting findings. These sites use a variety of ways to collect money from the daddies. The babies get to play for free. You will always need to sign up before you can even browse. To communicate with any of the babies, however, the daddies need to pay. Some sites sell a blocks of time in days or weeks within which the daddy can communicate with an unlimited number of babies. Some sites limit the number of babies or messages with each purchase of a pass. If you surf around, you’ll find plenty of negative comments on these sites. Interestingly, most of these comments come from women meeting cheap Charlies and not men finding “babies” who have left their cradles for too long.

I’m not sure how legitimate this site is, but it reviews the top sugar daddy sites. I can’t recommend any of them as I haven’t tried them out myself.

The most interesting system I’ve encountered is one where the daddies purchase credits which he needs to use “unlock” messages from babies. Immediately often signing up, the daddy may get dozens of messages from babies. To unlock these messages, he must use his credits and each unlock costs 10 credits, not 1. 100 credits get used up to unlock 10 messages. Have you noticed the “potential” here? A crooked site owner would spam the unsuspecting daddy with hundreds of locked messages from seemingly hot and horny babies. Curious about what they are saying to them, these guys will quickly use up all their credits and purchase more.

What if the profiles were fake? What if the foolish daddy spends thousands on credits only to get messages without getting even a single date. Such systems may cost the daddy even more than WeChat scams. Ultimately, the surest way to meet someone you may fancy is to socialise in real life.

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