Tenashar – magic mushrooms and reality

Most of the folks in my age group only heard of Debbie Valarie Tenashar Long when her drug offences were reported in the New Paper. Tenashar’s run-in with the law first surfaced publicly in 2016 when The New Paper reported she and her then-boyfriend, Thorsten Nolte were wanted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for not reporting back after they were nabbed for drug-related offences the year before. Thorsten Nolte happens to be the ex-husband of another local celebrity, radio DJ, Jamie Yeo.

If you remember (or could be bothered with it at all) Jamie Yeo was first married to Glenn Ong (2004-2009). She was then married to British expat Thorsten Nolte in 2010. The marriage ended in 2015 with Jamie Yeo citing “deep-seated problems that stemmed from (their) inherent personality differences.”, but by then, Nolte’s relationship with Tenashar was already an open secret. Of course, most people are far more familiar with Jamie Yeo than with Tenashar. Who is she?

Tenashar’s Eurasian heritage is that of Spanish and Chinese. Crowned #87 in 2013’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, the Tenashar bombshell is a force to be reckoned with attracting over 2 Million fans to her Facebook hub and brewing a world shake up. She is a highly sought after model and has graced the cover of FHM in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Playboy Thailand.

She signed a deal with Universal Music in 2015, with her first single “Traffic” released in June.

Her website says:

The Tenashar bombshell is a force to be reckoned with alluring an electric 2 million fans to her Facebook hub alone, packing a serious punch in dance music and brewing a world shake-up on one of the world’s leading major dance record labels. Dominating the stage and the studio with an array of EDM from electro, trance, and progressive to big room house, this model and DJ’s energy-charged sass has shone dynamically. With a vision to turn the party volume up, the Eurasian starlet literally turns any dance floor she touches to gold, having been crowned a DJ Mag top 100 spot at #87 and is completely taking over as one of Universal Music’s brightest new artists.

Here is Tenashar at work in Bali:

Happening? Explosive? You bet. Imagine the number of young ladies out there who envy her. Besides doing DJ work, Tenashar also models. In fact, I first got to know her when she was blasting out her availability for modelling assignments on social media in 2011. And below is a video of Tenashar in her modelling role:

This “bombshell” is now facing charges for two counts of drug consumption involving cocaine an psilocin, the latter being a substance found in most psychedelic mushrooms. She allegedly imported two containers each containing a packet of brownish-white substance at Changi Airport Terminal 1, Arrival Belt 19, at around 10.20pm on Oct 28, 2015. As if she didn’t know they were illegal, the containers were labelled as “Psilocybe Atlantis Forbidden Fruit” and each weighed about 42g.

The contents were analysed and later found to contain psilocin, the active ingredient found in most psychedelic mushrooms. The sexy DJ is also accused of consuming psilocin and another substance known as benzoylecgonine, a major metabolite of cocaine, on Oct 28, 2015. At around 3am the next day, she is said to have had an Erimin-5 tablet in her possession in a 6-storey unit at The Quayside condominium in Robertson Quay.

As the case is online, I shall not comment. As to how she got herself into all this, we can only guess, but it won’t be a very difficult guess either. I’m against the recreational use of drugs, but instead of condemning these acts, habits and trades outright, there are more open societies where the rights, the wrongs and the severity of punishments that could be meted out are robustly debated.

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