Thai Women Who Ride On Social Media

His name is Bond, David Bond. And as you can see, he has been making vlogs of his travels in Thailand (and a few other places) with the company of charming Asian women and it’s with a Thai woman called “Nicky” that he seemed to have the most chemistry.

In spite of Bond’s poorly edited videos (with long stretches of repetitive, irrelevant material), his hordes of subscribers are testimony to the popularity of his channel. Almost 390k and I bet they’re mostly fans of voluptuous Nicky.

Obviously there’s no script, but this couple is absolutely spontaneous – with all the silly bantering, the naughty innuendoes and the not so subtle passes. Nicky’s English may not be that good, she sure beats a lot of our phony influencers. She’s real – well, not every part of her, but she doesn’t pretend who she’s not. You can subscribe to David Bond’s channel and you shouldn’t be surprised how the channel got to be so popular. Below is a nice summary.

Yes, Nicky has started to go independent. She now has her own channel. Though not as popular as David Bond (yet), she is rapidly taking in fans. And while some may think that she’s a bimbo living off a Farang’s generosity, David Bond is not living in Thailand and when he is back home, she goes back to her routines in the Land of Smiles. She has actually earned herself a degree in accounting.

It may not be obvious to the average Farang, but Nicky is in her 30s and from some other video on her channel, she also has a son whose father is probably some absent local. She did mention about her ex who often stood her up. The above video is actually on Nicky’s channel. You can subscribe to her channel and enjoy some of the videos she made herself. David Bond is still somewhat involved in the channel. He promised on his channel that he will be visiting Nicky soon.

As you can see from the video below, Nicky has a very normal daytime job. It’s a reality that obviously won’t appear on David Bond’s channel. She’s just one of us except that unlike most of us, she shows a lot more – like her office, her wardrobe and her bedroom. What makes her a good person in the eyes of her fans? What makes her a slut in the eyes of her haters?

Many Farang have a very simplistic notion that you’ll only find bad women in a bar and good women outside the bar. In either situation, it is difficult to come across a case that does not involve money changing hands.

For the longest time, Thai women with limited means (often single mothers) had depended on foreign husbands or boyfriends to support their siblings/children, or other family members. Is this accepted in Thai society? Of course it is. But in the Land of Smiles, presentation always comes before substance.

Someone who kneels before her mother and passes her money (never mind where it came from) will never get ostracised by her community. The money is important. The ritual is important. What else is important? Discretion.

Yep. People don’t give a damn about what you do as long as you are discrete. There are thousands of Thai women who go naked with some Farang at a bungalow at Koh Arai Gor Dai and boom boom all day, all night. It’s all right as long as they appear soo parp (polite,cultured) and riap roy (neat, decent, presentable) in public. Only a very few brave or foolhardy souls like Nicky would dare post the “evidence” on social media. This is guaranteed to earn her droves of haters among her own people. A good excuse to migrate?

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