Leng Yein

Life is a performance and definitely no less so for a 30-something “drama queen”. Malaysian DJ Leng Yein is egregiously fake in more ways than one.

Leng Yein is a Malaysian DJ, model, actress and musician born on 18 April 1985 in Malaysia. Controversial and flamboyant due to her obsession with going under the knife to improve her looks, she has been dubbed Asia’s number 1 Female DJ. Her Thai introduction was pretty good, but not being a fan of dance music, I’ll let you be the judge of how well she does her job on stage.

As someone who does aesthetic procedures, I’d be hypocritical if I frown upon the procedures she had, but too much of a good thing is always bad and to me, Leng Yein had clearly gone too far and may take the cake from Rosmah in later years. All that is none of our business and making sacrifices for the sake of one’s career is totally understandable, but make no mistake, there are teenage rebels and Leng Yein wannabes out there.

In March 2018 when Leng Yein visited Singapore for work, she claimed to have developed a severe inflammation after eating seafood. She had severe pain and a high fever. At the hospital, she was given medicine for fever and antibiotics but after two days her entire back and left arm were swollen.

And here’s the “drama”. She even believed that her infection is an allergy and it’s hereditary.

After consulting with her plastic surgeon in Taiwan, she made the decision to fly to Taiwan. Her left breast implant was removed and the infection cleaned up. She revealed that she will have to remove the left boob for at least three months to fully recover.

Then in March 2018, she got even more “drama” when she went on social media and claimed that she was a victim of “domestic violence”, the perpetrator being from her ex-boyfriend. They broke up just before she left for Taiwan to remove her implants. The reason for the breakup? He accused her of treating him like a dog for the two years that they had been in a relationship.

Upon her return to KL, she discovered that her ex-boyfriend was still in the house (which she claimed is hers). That’s when the “violent” dispute began.

Try to make sense of this:

“Two years , i HAD ENOUGH U r a lawyer and u threaten me for two years. I am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALL I know u r close to the police and law system But i am not afraid of the TRUTH. This is NOT LOVE. Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT U left me yesterday morning before i went for my morning operation and said u want to move out n go home I just came out from emergency operation room for 9 hours and reached Malaysia this morning and u just never leave me alone. Two years u been violence and i kept so quiet because i didnt want people to laugh at me”

If you can tell the purpose for revealing “emergency operation” and “9 hours” to remove a breast implant, then perhaps you’ll see her real intention. The bloodied photos she showed seemed like blood had been smeared over her face with no visible open wound. Her hair colour (blonde) was also different from the pink hair she had during the “fight” with her boyfriend.

“We broke up yesterday before my surgery u said u wanted to move home and say i treat u like a dog and say i wasn’t understanding and im a bad gf repeating this to me for past one year plus. Put aside how despair i feel about ur repeated slamming n statement making me feel lesser than myself and putting me down all the time. I know u r POWERFUL AND A LAWYER and always find ur way and also threaten me with ur DAD n say u can ask ur dad to KILL ME N MY SIS But i am not afraid of u anymore because u went too far this time.”

The police were alerted to the incident and they quickly intervened (contrary to her claim that they were “friend” with her boyfriend). A week later:

“Aside from hitting me, he has never done anything wrong to me. I’m still alive now, and if he has learnt his lesson, he should not find me anymore and would stay as far away from me as possible. I just want to carry on with my life and hope that we won’t cross paths again.”

She went on social media again, urging her fans to “drop it”. This begged questions as to whether her original claim about being abused by her boyfriend is ever true. Anyway, about 4 months later, her boobs were restored and she was back in business.

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Below is a video of her interviewed by fellow Malaysian artist Namewee.