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Born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore, sexy and voluptuous model and dancer Rebecca Chen is quite a well-known personality to models and photographers in the region. Talented as she undoubtedly is, Ms Chen has taken up many commercial projects and was even featured in Playboy’s Miss Social. The high point in her career is perhaps her lead role in the movie Siew Lup.

Without a doubt, she is now a nominally successful star and some would say that she has an attitude to match – an opinion shared by many of her friends and former friends I’ve spoken to. Of course, there are hundreds of photos of Rebecca Chen all over the web, but just to decorate this page, here is a recent photo of Rebecca Chen bought from a stock photo site.

Approaching 30s now, Rebecca Chen is currently residing in Phuket, Thailand with her French boyfriend who works as a DJ there. From the recent posts on her Facebook page, she seems to be doing fewer photoshoots. Her edgy photos which used to garner over 500 likes have dwindled down tremendously. That could be due to her actually doing fewer shoots or it could be because interest in her (body) is waning. Ms Chen might even blame it on her past. What does that mean? Let’s turn back the clock.

Rebecca Chen was only 19 years old and charging $35 per hour when we first worked with her. She was friendly, open-minded and very articulate for someone with only secondary education. Her full-time job back then was personal assistant for an insurance agent. She also did some dancing and modelling on the side. She struck us as a confident, talented model who seemed to know exactly what she wanted. But a failed relationship soon took its toll on this young lady.

We didn’t work with her after that. From the grapevine, we learned that her ambition and naivety dragged her over some pretty tough times. She has bounced back – or so it seems, but it’s a different Rebecca Chen – tattooed, bust augmented and not as friendly as before. We’ve approached her to help write her autobiography, but she turned us down because she thought it would take up too much of her time. Anyway, here are some of her old photos.



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Interestingly, Rebecca Chen contacted us to remove her old pictures from public view, claiming that they will “ruin” her career. We can understand how it can ruin her career if she decides to be a politician or an educator, but since she’s still in the entertainment business and her latest performances are even more daring than her previous ones, it’s quite illogical to say that her harmless old pictures will ruin her career.

The only reason I can think of is that she wants to bury her past and make her new fans think that she’s born this way. Should I be party to this deception? I don’t think so.

Without a doubt, Rebecca Chen’s lifestyle is one that is envied by many young women out there. Who doesn’t want to earn a living and enjoy life making oneself pretty and sexy and admired by the thousands? But even a kid should know that all this is not permanent. If you check out her sexy posts made recently, there is an obvious drop in the number of likes and responses. Is it because her fans had seen her older pictures and that somehow ruined her career? Absolute hogwash. The fact of the matter is, if you keep projecting the same themes and images, people do get desensitised over time. I sure hope she has true fans/friends and a backup plan.

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