To Catch A Gold Digger

I’ve thought of doing something like this, but I don’t think I can afford to rent luxury cars just to conduct an experiment to prove a point about gold diggers. There are lots of crooks around, but a simple “you don’t look like a bad guy” was enough to get these women into Tao Ge’s car. He pretends to be sleepy and she knows what he’s getting at and agrees to go to bed with him. I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t carry it a bit further, maybe trick her with fake jewellery and see if she really goes to bed with him.

Same modus operandi in the video below and the same response. The woman gets the message when the guy says he’s sleepy and she boldly agrees to sleep with him as well – if he buys her a necklace. The interesting thing here is, even though these women would have sex with a stranger in exchange for necklaces, you won’t label these women as prostitutes in the usual sense of the word.

Crafted by another guy, Hai Long, this is probably the most interesting video because of a little twist at the end. A young man who just graduated wants to test her girlfriend to see if she’s faithful to him. As it turns out, this guy is not really who he claims to be. Does he need to go through all that to find out why this woman wouldn’t sleep with him?

Finally, a little surprise. Not every pretty woman is a gold digger. Tao Ge was fooled by someone who played along.

There’s nothing really sensational about these videos. They’re just showing something which we already know. But the moral of the story may not be as straightforward as what the righteous folks out there would have us believe. There is something we should all consider – people change. Gold diggers can become selfless and caring wives/mothers. These women are still young. Those who live by certain ideals and morals approved by society may not be able hang on to them for very long.The guys involved in these tests are also young. Will they never reach a stage where they have to make use of their cars and deep pockets to bed a beauty?

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