Tribute To Singapore’s Hospital Drama Queen 韩菲子

The videos of a female investigating officer questioning a woman in a hospital about whether she had verbally abused the staff there have been making their rounds on social media after the one who recorded it uploaded it on Chinese social media platform 抖音。The China woman being investigated was rude, pompous and uncooperative.

We didn’t have to wait long before someone got what she deserves. Han Feizi 韩菲子, age 29 was charged on 13 October 2023 with multiple offences, including alleged use of abusive language on a public servant and harassment. You can check the details here or watch the video below.

The second video is a tribute to Singapore’s hospital drama queen Han Feizi 韩菲子. Miss Han is a Chinese influencer with some 250,000 fans. Videos from her 抖音 channel may reveal why she is so delusional.

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