Wearing A String

A 26 year-old Taiwanese tourist by the name of Lin Tzu Ting was arrested by the police while holidaying in the Philippines. Apparently she was caused a commotion, wearing an inappropriate swimsuit at Puka Beach on the island of Boracay. The offending piece of garment has been described as “literally just a piece of string.”

This video came from a Filipino YouTuber. The nude photo must have been edited using some software. I guess this is what you to to someone who has offended you.

Stunned onlookers at the beach had vented their disgust by taking pictures of her skimpy outfit and shared them on social media so that more could be disgusted. Lin Tzu Ting was accompanied by her boyfriend and they left the beach without any trouble. However, the pictures that went viral caught the attention of the authorities. Miss Lin was later tracked down to her hotel and was arrested by the authorities (in a more decent outfit). 

It is not clear what the exact charge was but the current laws on indecency could have been the basis of her arrest. Police chief Jess Baylon remarked that in their conservative culture, Miss Lin’s attire was unacceptable.

Miss Lin was eventually fined 2500 pesos which she had to pay before leaving the island. The authorities warned all visitors to the beach to observe proper decorum as a form of respect for Filipino culture.

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