Wu Li Hua Sex Scandal

Another sex scandal involving a high ranking party official in China has been uncovered. During an “anti-vice” operation in Gansu Province, China, enforcement officers were shocked to find a familiar middle-aged woman in hotel room with a young hunk, resting after a consuming carnal session in bed. She was recognised even though she was flushed, disheveled and panting from the exertion. The woman caught in the operation is 58-year-old deputy mayor of Qingyang City in Gansu Province, Wu Li Hua 吴丽华, a prominently featured role model for her community.

A few days before the shocking discovery, the anti-vice action team received a tip-off about illegal activities in a hotel in Gansu Province. The surprisingly fruitful operation uncovered the scandalous career path of the deputy mayor as well as her penchant for “fresh meat”.

Going back to the beginning when Wu Li Hua was a ravishing young woman, she had aroused the interest of her male superiors who consistently reported that she was a capable subordinate. Whenever Wu made mistakes or ran into difficulties at work, she would seduce her superiors to help her get out of trouble. Her career path was thus smoothed out and her promotions guaranteed.

wu lihua

As Wu’s seniority in the civil service rose, she turned from prey to predator. She accepted bribes from junior officers and coerced young male subordinates to sexually satisfy her. The Gansu Provincial Disciplinary Committee found out that Wu Li Hua had exploited her male subordinates and had a predilection for “fresh meat”. Whenever she saw a young and handsome male subordinate, she would instruct him to turn up at the office after hours and try him out on her desk before proceeding to book a room in a luxurious hotel. Her appetite grew so big that she took time off from her office to be entertained at the hotel. Wu’s cravings soon became an open secret. Whenever private businesses needed her approval for their projects, they would “pay tribute” by sending a handsome young man to satisfy her sexual needs.

According to statistics released by the Disciplinary Committee after investigations, Wu Li Hua had booked and used rooms in a certain hotel 265 times in just one year. It has been estimated that she had spent as many office hours in hotel rooms as in her office. Her one year expenditure at the hotel was 380,000 RMB.

At this time of writing, Wu Li Hua has been suspended from her duties and the Gansu Provincial Disciplinary Committee is still investigating her for more violations. Chinese netizens joked that the elixir of youth is indeed “fresh meat” 小鲜肉。

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